Thursday, September 29, 2005

Saint Jamie saves America from itself

Fresh from his victory in persuading the UK government to spend more on school meals, Jamie Oliver is hoping to do the same across the Atlantic.

Interviewed in London's Evening Standard, the celebrity chef and mockney geezer revealed he's in talks with television producers to do a US version of 'Jamie's School Dinners'. 'It's such an important project,' he said. 'Americans are so bloody unhealthy. I saw so many fat people over there and they're dropping dead all over the f***ing place.'

America will presumably be treated to the same pro-organic, anti-parent propaganda we watched here, heavily seasoned with junk science and a dim view of the masses. Better meals might result in the long-run, but in the short term the effect of the programme has been to cut the numbers of kids choosing school meals, and longer working hours for dinner ladies. There have even been hints of strike action in Greenwich, the borough where the series was filmed, as catering staff do unpaid overtime to produce his food.

Still, Oliver is a man on a mission. 'Even if it took two years to make a US series, I'd still do it,' adds Oliver. 'I'd drop everything because I'd feel it was my duty.' He'd like American kids to be forced to eat focaccia and salad. Let's hope he's forced to eat humble pie.

Jamie: I've been a miserable father, Evening Standard, 28 September 2005

Hard to swallow, spiked


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